Invited to take part in an Alumni Art Exhibition at UNCG I created a series of self-portraits of myself standing in my backyard. The first photo, A photograph of Adam Moser in his backyard, was for sale for $100. Each photo in the collection that followed was exactly the same minus 1 item of clothing and an incremental price increase, down to the last photo in the series A photograph of Adam Moser in his backyard without his hat, without his coat, without his button-up shirt, without his v-neck undershirt, without his shoes, without his jeans, without his boxers, with out his socks on, and without a toothpick in his mouth which was for sale for $1,000. Only the first photo in the series was on view in the gallery and coincidently that is the only photo that sold. The memory card holding the other digital files was burnt in my backyard fit pit after the exhibition ended. 

Photos by Maggie Kirkland