An exhibition on the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and in conjunction with Luther's Call to Reform 1517-2017 at Bellarmine University. The installation's centerpiece was a circular kneeler that invited viewers to take on that humbling position and look each other in the eyes however briefly or long they like reintroducing a language of forgiveness and accountability - neighborly absolution, if you will, towards strangers and friends alike .  

The light-box at the end of the gallery illuminated Martin Luther's On The Freedom Of A Christian. This 18,000 word treatise was laid out on a 5x7 sheet of backlit film so that you could experience the entire text at once. 

On the reverse side of the light-box was a 2 hour looping video projection of church ceilings during organ preludes recorded in sanctuaries across the country. 

A chandelier comprised of 5 Replica Centennial lightbulbs hung above the kneeler commemorating  each of the 5 centuries since Luther sparked the protestant Reformation.